Wednesday, April 21, 2010

That is real love

Yes yes yes I know today is wordless Wednesday. But I really wouldn’t take a picture of this. I’m sorry I’ll just have to put it in words, I think you’ll thank me.

We were laying on the couch having a little discussion about who Tux loves more, we do that we’re creepy dog people.

He cuddled with me, so I told E get him to willingly cuddle with you and you win. (I know my little guy he loves me more)

So E holds him for a minute then lets him go, thinking ok he likes it, he’s going to sit down. Instead he sit up, and then ….

Blllargh. All over E’s shirt…

He loves me more, just sayin…:)

And for the recorded I laughed, hard.

I’m usually the one at the receiving end of this stuff…

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