Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Family Affair

A little over a week ago our family vacation started! Liam and I hit the road with my in laws headed to Atlanta GA for E’s brother’s wedding.

First stop was New Orleans, LA. We arrived about 10pm to a rainy city. The next morning we had a chance to explore the city a little, however it was super rainy so instead of walking we decided to stay inside the nice warm dry 15 passenger van:). Definitely a neat place I wouldn’t mind spending some time exploring.


Grandma and Papa said I could have this whole bed to myself!!! Mommy said no way Jose!


Our view from Cafe Du Monde, that guy gave us some awesome Jazz.


Hard to see but a little Katrina devastation down in the lower 9th ward. I don’t think I’ve ever been so “at sea level” in a city before. It was truly amazing to look over and see the gulf waters as we were crossing the bridge.


Last but not least we had to check out one of the legendary cemeteries pretty cool.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Beatin the Heat

So anyone who has ever spent any time in Texas knows it’s a pretty hot place. We’ve been trying to beat the heat and pick the best time of day to be outside. Meaning early morning walks (9am early…ha!) and evening activities. However the best way to beat the heat is definitely at the pool.


Hanging out with Daddy.

Bean doesn’t take to the pool too well. We’ve only been a few times, the first time in Colorado was too cold. The first time in Texas was good for about 20 minutes then it was all down hill since it was the evening. This last time went over a little bit better until it inched in on nap time and we decided to crash!

SAM_1262Not so sure about this!!

Next week we start our trek with the family to Atlanta for a family wedding. We can’t wait! We stop in New Orleans for a night and Destin for 3 days. We’ve never been to either place and I can’t wait to share the experience with my little Lima.


Friday, July 8, 2011

July 2011

We’re more than half way through our opportunity leave and I’m trying to focus on the here and now.  It makes me sad to think how fast vacations go and how it seems we just got here, yet we’ve been here for more than a week.

July 4th was fun. We spent time relaxing with family, I made a Brown Sugar Cinnamon Peach pie out of Fredricksburg peaches, which if you’re from Texas you know are some of the greatest peaches around. This recipe was from the Southern Living July 2011 issue. I highly suggest it, if you’re a peach pie fan. I used store bought crusts, the kind you find in the canned biscuit section, very yummi.


We also made sure we were dressed festively.


Last night we had the chance to spend some time with some good friends of our who just so happen to own an amazing little photography company,Sweet Fix Photography. They took our family pictures, can’t wait to see the rest! Abby is also responsible for my amazing picture here on the blog.

They are very good friends, we knew Abby and her husband long before Sweet Fix existed but we will never go back :).

Over all it’s been a great trip, we’re looking forward to the rest of it :)

Saturday, July 2, 2011

My Life in Pictures

Ok so obviously I’ve been away for a while. I figured the easiest and fastest way to catch you all up on my so called life was through a picture blog!

Baptism in Texas in March!

Almost 3 Months old in April!

Ignore my dirty house, Daddy’s Cookies and Cream Cake in April!

Our First Airplane Ride, Denver to Austin, May 2011.

A Bridal Shower In Texas in May.

4 Months in May!

First taste of rice cereal, May 2011.

Happy 2 Year Anniversary Dear! May 23rd, 2011

Housing Baby Birds in June

Snacking at the GI dr in June.

Working on our Father’s day gift.

First Father’s Day 2011

Five Months old June 22!

Daddy Graduates from RSLC! (hooray we get him back :)! )

Enjoying Daddy’s picnic at work!

And…a few projects that have kept me busy, yes I made them ALL.


Plant markers


I plan on redoing this, I was experimenting with stitching canvas.

SAM_1172 SAM_1173


Learning to hand stamp metal


front door, 4th wreath


The slip covers and pillows