Thursday, March 24, 2011

Being a Mama

I would say I'm trying to get better at updating this thing but truth is in the pudding I'm not. I just never remember it's here until I see something I want to check. haha.

Bean is doing well, we have out 2 month next week, I'm a little nervous to take my baby in to be poked and prodded for his first round of shots. Wish me luck with that one. And then to come home for the evening and not have daddy coming home...we'll see.

Colorado is cold. I'm now not a big fan of the cold. I've been cold for a little over a year. I'm ready to be warm, I'm ready for flip flops, tans, tank tops, shorts and my windows rolled down. I don't see this happening in my future any time soon so I'll just continue to dream. Yes it's beautiful, yes there are mountains but blah blah blah I want sunshine and beaches. I miss being a 5 hour drive from vacation.

Mommyhood is interesting. I love it don't get me wrong but it has turned me into a different person. I child's crys no longer worry me or irriate me, my newest purfume is eau de spit up and the tiniest hit of a smile lights up my day from that little face even when I'm in the middle of providing a buffet for a little one .

Oh the adventures it brings.He is quite possibly the only person who requires more clothes changes than me.

well the feed me alarm is going off, see you soon...hopefully.