Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Teething adventures

The little man is STILL teething....we have two molars coming in on the bottom at the same time =misery at nap time, bedtime and generally any time the Tylenol, teething tablets or orajel wears off.

With mama three weeks from delivering baby girl this makes for some long days and nights.

I've tried getting this child to chew on everything (not the Paper he's playing with though! Promise!)

Sounds crazy right? Most parents spend this time trying to keep things out of their child's moth while I keep putting things in. However I'm talking tethers, frozen washcloths anything to give my guy some comfort and it just isn't working :(.

The miracle teether go. He lives the squeak but not the chew part, frozen wash cloths end up on the floor.

What did you do to keep your little one happy?

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