Monday, January 25, 2010


So the last few days have been easier. Things are slowly getting better and my husband is finally becoming much more positive about having to repeat the phase. I’m very thankful for that. I was worried about him and his mental state.


So I try to keep myself occupied. Today my sister in law and I worked on some “rag quilts” for the Christ Child Society. They are super easy to make. If you can cut material and sew a straight seam you’re good to go and they are REALLY cute! I’m thinking of making one for our living room. Here are some directions: Chic Rag Quilt.

We’ll see how it turns out, if I ever find some inexpensive cute fabric I like.


I haven’t mentioned this yet, I don’t think but we got a new puppy. Bevo had pneumonia and has passed out of our lives, it’s been about two months since he left and we now have Tux! Talley enjoys making him angry and chewing on him but for the most part they get along well. Now if only he would get along well with daddy….maybe he will change his mind when he comes home.


Friday, January 22, 2010

Ask and ye shall recieve

"Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened.”- Matthew 7:7-8

That was the qoute of the day at Faith Deployed: Daily Encouragement for Military Wives.

In The Power of a Praying Wife Omartian tals about asking, truthfully and whole heartedly for the things we want to most in our lives and for our spouses. I never thought about it that way before but do you truly as for what you want? Not what you think you want, not what you think God wants to hear, not what you think others want, or what others want to hear, not what would make you a seem like a good person to God or other but what you WANT?

The more I think it about the less I think I do. I'm going to try to change that. I mean how many times have I started to say a prayer and in the back of my mind another or totally different request is looming? And if we're not asking then how are we to recieve?

So I ask these things, I'm putting them out there into blog land because now I'm accountable to someone to something.

1. For my husband to graduate Ranger school.
2. For my husband to come home to me. In March. No Later.
3. To recieve a teaching job, a good one, teaching history and 8th graders.
4. To have a baby, one day. But in the next two years.
5. To have my husband protected, bodily, emotionally and spiritually.

There I did it. That's my list. These are the things I need. Or the things I think I need.

The next chapter talks about God giving us what we deserve and being willing to accept the things we deserve. It also talks about being willing to change, part of God's answer might just be that we have to change what we want.

One thing at a time.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Day 4

Yes, it's only day 4...:(

I haven't done a picture post in a while so there are some to follow, from my new camera! A christmas gift from my father in law, a TL220 by Samsung, it has one of those nifty touch screens and the pictures are soooo much better than on my old cheapo vivitar!

This week has been semi productive, I'm just glad it's flying by. After the crazy news of ranger school and dealing with the emotional roller coaster not having a husband for 3 weeks (and finding out I won't have one for 6 more) It's a relief to find things to keep me busy.

I spent the better part of yesterday at a neat little place called Jungle Java. For any mom's of toddlers (walking age and up) this is a treasure! There is a huge jungle gym for the kids to go crazy on, think pandimonum or DZ discovery zone from when we were kids, yet table and arm chairs for the adults to enjoy some good conversation and curl up with a coffee or yummy treat in! Anyways, I spent some time with my sisters in law just chatting it up and having some good quality girl time.

Today was all about the dog park! FUN! There was a beautiful great dane, who scared Talley a bit, but it was worth it. She got all of her energy out and stay exhausted until ooooh about 30 mintues ago when it was time to actually go to bed haha.

I've decided on a great gift for Eric! I can't wait, we've decided to do our Valentine's day once we get to Colorado, then we will have a real reason to celebrate!!! You'll have to wait and see what I come up with but it involves two amazing photographers and a few costume changes :)

Some goodreads right now too: The power of a praying wife by Stormie Omartian, Battlefields and Blessings (if you're Christian and like history this series combines the two!!!), The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks

As promised my pictures: (these are the ones I sent to E for motivation!)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

It will all be over soon....?

This past weekend was so long. There is so much going on. Eric called on Sunday evening to let me know he would be repeating the FL phase of Ranger school. Not going into specifics I won't be a hysterical wife and I'll just pray for him harder :). He deserves something good in his life, he deserves for this to be over. If you've read any of my previous posts you'll know we've struggled this last month or two. We're working on becoming whole. Maybe God wasn't in our lives enough. I feel as though when things get too good we shut him out. That's the biggest mistake I feel I could ever make. Yet I still do it. And so my goal, and I hope to stick to it for the rest of the year, is to welcome God in a little more, to hear him a little louder and to pay attention.

Healing Hand Of God lyrics

I have seen the many faces,I fear in the pain.
I have watched the tears fall plenty,From heart ache and strength.
So if life's journey,Has you weary and afraid.
There's rest in the shadow of his wings.
I have walked through the valleys,The mountains and plains.
I have held the hand of freedom,It washes all my stains.
If you feel the weight of many trials,And burdens from this world.
There's freedom in the shelter of the Lord.

I have seen,The healing hand of God,Reaching out and mending broken hearts.
Taste and see the fullness of His peace,And hold on to what's being held out.
The healing hand of God.

I have touched the scars upon His hands,To see if they were real.
He has walked the road before me,He knows just how I feel.
When you feel there is not anyone,Who understands your pain,Just remember all of Jesus' suffering.

I have seen,The healing hand of God,Reaching out and mending broken hearts.
Taste and see the fullness of His peace,And hold on to what's being held out.
The healing hand of God.

Cast all your cares on Him,For He cares for you.
He's near to the broken and confused.
By His stripes,Our spirit is renewed.
So enter in the joy prepared for you.

I have seen,The healing hand of God,Reaching out and mending broken hearts.
Taste and see the fullness of His peace,And hold on to what's being held out.
The healing hand of God.

The healing hand of God

And hold on to what's being held out

The healing hand of GodOh Oh Oh Oh

Thursday, January 14, 2010

The end is so near...yet I'm hanging by a thread

The end of Ranger school is creeping up on me. Like a week. I'm hoping I hear from him this weekend after peer evaluations and I'm fervently sending up my prayers that he is doing alright.

I need him to be doing alright because I need him home with me. That sounds so selfish when I read it back to myself but the last few weeks, with him and without him have been so hard. The last couple days I have felt it more than usual. I cry, randomly. And then I stop, randomly. I just stop and say a small prayer asking God to gaurd my heart which currently resides in the cold Florida swamp.

Is it silly I feel spoiled every time he comes home? I told him this once and he just laughed but I really feel it's true. in the past four months I have seen E a total of 3 weeks....strange, it's less than I saw him when we were dating and living in two different cities. I feel like if I can make it through this then I am strong enough to make it through the next phases we encounter. At least I hope and pray I'm that strong for my own sake and for his sake. I've also found that being busy and being at home help so much. I'm hoping that if I get a job for next fall it will have the same effect on me.

All in good time. If you remember tonight please pray for E and for me. Pray we make it through the few days without too many bumps, bruises and with great success!!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I must post!!!

Ok so I have to make a post on the off chance that someone, anyone, might look. I just spent the better part of an hour (ok I broke for dinner) changing my title and sidebar fonts! LOVE IT! so much fun and so cute! There are a lot of fonts to choose from and very clear step by step instructions on:

So go check it out!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Round and Round We go!!!

E! has officially started Ranger school again. He wasn't ready to go back but it was time to get the darn thing over with!

So one of the things I had to tell him was that our little puppy Bevo had died. It was the first time I had ever had a dog die. The second time for him. The poor little thing came down with pneumonia on our way from Georgia to Texas. He wouldn't eat or drink and was having a hard time breathing. I took him to an emergency animal hospital in Lafayette and they ended up having to put him down since he was just wasting away. I was devastated, bawling in the vets office calling my mom trying to figure out what to do, we couldn't afford the medical bills to treat him extensively and I didn't want to put him down if there was a chance. So in the end I surrendered him to the vet and she treated him until it was hopeless.When I told Eric the news he said it was ok that we would get another dog one day....little did I know my mom had planned to surprise me with a puppy upon hearing Bevo was gone! She found a soldier at Fort Hood that was getting ready to deploy and needed a new home for her little Shih Tzu Poodle mix and so I ended up with the perfect lap dog, Tux. Hopefully this will be the last dog we get for a very long time.


Talley and Tux
Hoping everything goes as planned with E's ranger school and we will be moving on to Colorado by Valentine's day!!! YAY! the next few weeks are going to fly by and we'll be busier than ever! Thank goodness!!!