Thursday, May 27, 2010

My Musings

I have another interview tomorrow.

I’m glad I don’t have to pay the people at TriCare some ridiculous amount for the ridiculous information they provide:

I have a wicked cough, I’m taking sudaffed and cough syrup.

Dr. Tells me today take sudaffed and cough syrup….REALLY?!

I’m looking for a fun place, maybe slightly resortish to go for July 4th. Yes July 4th, I like to plan in advance. Any ideas?

Normally we’d go to the beach or some nice coastal place but not exactly financially possible living in CO.

So any suggestions on where to go in CO? Trying to keep the budget under oh $90 a night…

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Picture Post

So I realized I haven’t done a true picture post in a while, since I have a bunch on my camera I thought I’d share!

SAM_0306Talley enjoying a rare warm Colorado day! She is the true sun worshipper in our family.


Bone Cigars


My husbands genius idea to fix a little “problem” Talley was having, that lasted two minutes.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Happy Anniversary!


One year ago today I married Mr. Bierschenk. It has been the best year yet! Here’s to many many more adventures :)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Not so wordless Wednesday

I keep forgetting to take my camera with me. But I have to say for once the grey clouds that are starting to fill the sky are making me oh so happy.

My husband has gone on a kick, he wants to hike every trail in the area…for those of you who know me you know:

I am not athletic,

I am not outdoorsy.

I can tolerate little discomfort I haven’t chosen myself.

That being said, going up a zig zag trail up a hill/mountain side when it looks like it is going to storm has not been my thing. But because I love this man I have done it the last two days. Ok I was bribed with Ice Cream the first day…

What do you do for your significant other that you would rather not?

Today they predict storms by 5pm :) I’m just sayin’  a day off isn’t too bad to me!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Looking for Motivation

I have nothing to write about. Well I geuss I have something to write about but not a lot.

This weekend was fun, I spent the weekend with my friend Melissa, she came down and we went to a  Women’s Military Spouse’s Conference. I didn’t really know what to expect, it was my first conference after all. Something were helpful, some things were fun and some I just plain didn’t care for.

I did get to meet an awesome lady! Someone I’ve been following here in the blog world since I started: ABW. Let me tell you she is even cooler in person!

I have no motivation to wake up early, or get out of bed for that matter. I’m trying to save money and do more things at home but that is easier said than done. I have loads of craft projects I could be doing but I just don’t feel motivated to do them.

It doesn’t help that every time I open my e-mail I have another message about “thank you for your application and your resume will be kept on file”….blah blah blah….and I still haven’t heard back from the interview I went on…how long do you wait before you contact them?

Ok enough of my useless rambling….

Friday, May 14, 2010

Show Us Your Life Friday


I lack material so I’m relying on an old favorite: Show us your life.

Today is your favorite children’s book.

Remember this one? About the pretty fish who gives away his pretty scales?

Thursday, May 13, 2010

It’s been a slow week…but busy

So I’m getting behind on my blogging here. Sorry! I wanted to say Thank you to Amy @ A Silver Wife's Life and Jen @ The Adventure of Our Army Life for the sweet blog award! Thank you girls!

So I’m supposed to tag 10 people I think are sweet bloggers, which if you’ve ever looked at my blog role you’ll understand is pretty much impossible. Instead I’m going to encourage you to look at the blogs I follow and check out as many as you can!

There are craft blogs, scrap blogs, military blogs and family blogs! Lots of fun!

We have a friend coming today! We are planning to attend the Wings for Women Military Spouse Conference, here in the springs. Anyone else going?

I’m not really sure what to expect, I’ve never been to a military spouse conference before.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Really??? Really??

Sometimes my hubby gets my goat. Don’t get me wrong I love the man…a lot. But sometimes his complaining is just plain uncalled for.

I like to bake, he likes to eat, it’s a great arrangement. We have company coming on Thursday so like any great southern host I pulled out the cookbooks and planned the meals and the dessert.

I choose a “Kentucky butter cake” which is basically a pound cake with some rum flavoring in it. Well I was out of rum flavoring (who keeps that around…seriously?) so I subbed in some Almond extract….bbbbbbaaaad idea.

He hated it and made it very clear. The idea was to take it into work, then I would make a second after we got the feed back. I also bought strawberries and whipped topping to send in. A nice welcome summer treat right? Nope, it’s in the trash due to my temper and his complaining.

I DO NOT appreciate a complainer. I REALLY DO NOT appreciate a complainer when I make a cake from SCRATCH ya’ll!

And for the record I thought it tasted pretty good and had a slice myself. Tasted like pound cake with almond flavoring.

He also didn’t do the strawberries right…

Mama always cut them into fourths and threw them in a bowl with a little bill of water and sugar to make a syrup. Then when you put them on the cake it soaks in and tastes delicious!

How do you do them? Any kitchen horror stories with your Hubby?

I now have an apron that says “Your opinion in not the recipe”



Sunday, May 9, 2010

My troublemaker


That was the day we brought her home. She does dumb stuff all the time.

Last week we planted a “pizza” garden, tomatoes, basil, thyme, I added some cilantro for funsies…after all it’s my favorite herb EVER.

She at it. All of them except the Cilantro. Roots and all. It’s not like we planted it in the ground, E has been making flower boxes and made a box that sits about feet feet high by two feet wide/deep. She jumped up on top of it, dug up one plant at a time and ate them up.

E came home and needless to say was upset.I was upset too but I bought some chicken wire and solved that problem.

A couple weeks ago she dug some holes in the backyard, so I took them and filled them in and left some poop in them. Problem solve. E was not happy she had dug the holes in the first place.

Today he decided to take her for a walk. I walk dogs on a leash. E is convinced that she can walk without one. Well I get a call about 45 minutes later saying can you go outside and see if the dog is there? I open the door and she is sitting on the front porch. Of course I punish her and put her in her crate. He comes home and punishes her as well.

I told him this is why I keep her on a leash. and he is in a bad mood because he is wrong.

For some reason she does not come 100% of the time when she is called it’s more like 75%…and that’s just for me when it’s E it goes down to 20%…any suggestions on how to fix this problem?


Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Invisible Woman

So the first time I was fingerprinted for substitute teaching in the state of Texas my fingers were not readable. So I was fingerprinted not once but twice more before they decided they could just do a name check.

The it came time to do my fingerprinting for my license for the state of Texas. They came back the first time, then the second time, then after the third attempt my name was run.

Apparently I’m invisible. The CBI, Colorado Bureau of Investigation has run my fingerprints at least once and was not able to read them. I sent an electronic copy, I received an e-mail on Thursday saying they need another copy…did they loose it? Did the priority mail system fail me? Did they not receive it? Seriously?

I’m totally for school safety but this is getting really ridiculous.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Now we wait

Today was the big day! I had my interview at 8am and booooy was I nervous!

Thank you everyone for the luck, I really appreciate it. This may sound funny but I had fun…in an interview.

I got to teach a lesson and talk about teaching and students for an hour and half with a captive audience…strange I know.

Thank you ABW for the question tips! I used quite a few of them and got some good information from the principal.

They said they would make their decision on Friday and everyone would be contacted by early next week. I’m hopeful but at the same time trying to not get my hopes up too much. Either way I’m going to try to stay positive!

E had PRK today, so there is an alarm going off every 25 minutes to remind him to put eye drops in. haha he says he can already see better so that’s a good thing I guess He is very happy, it’s something he has been waiting quite a while to do.!

We have his grandmother and dad coming in this weekend for our cousin’s graduation.

I better get to cleaning and folding the 3 weeks worth of laundry I’ve been putting off….boo.


Monday, May 3, 2010


I have my FIRST ever teaching interview tomorrow!

Any advice?

What questions would you ask of a school if you were interviewed?