Monday, May 10, 2010

Really??? Really??

Sometimes my hubby gets my goat. Don’t get me wrong I love the man…a lot. But sometimes his complaining is just plain uncalled for.

I like to bake, he likes to eat, it’s a great arrangement. We have company coming on Thursday so like any great southern host I pulled out the cookbooks and planned the meals and the dessert.

I choose a “Kentucky butter cake” which is basically a pound cake with some rum flavoring in it. Well I was out of rum flavoring (who keeps that around…seriously?) so I subbed in some Almond extract….bbbbbbaaaad idea.

He hated it and made it very clear. The idea was to take it into work, then I would make a second after we got the feed back. I also bought strawberries and whipped topping to send in. A nice welcome summer treat right? Nope, it’s in the trash due to my temper and his complaining.

I DO NOT appreciate a complainer. I REALLY DO NOT appreciate a complainer when I make a cake from SCRATCH ya’ll!

And for the record I thought it tasted pretty good and had a slice myself. Tasted like pound cake with almond flavoring.

He also didn’t do the strawberries right…

Mama always cut them into fourths and threw them in a bowl with a little bill of water and sugar to make a syrup. Then when you put them on the cake it soaks in and tastes delicious!

How do you do them? Any kitchen horror stories with your Hubby?

I now have an apron that says “Your opinion in not the recipe”




  1. I died a little inside at the thought of a wasted cake. Tell him to make his own next time and I will gladly share a slice (or two) with you!

  2. Yum!! It sounds great!! My mom always did the strawberries, sugar and water trick too! It's yummy!! Boo on him for not liking it!

  3. Oh girl, I hear ya. It's like, I'm sorry, did YOU not like the food I made YOU? Maybe next time YOU can make ME food and I'll find everything wrong with it I can! Oh yes, I've had those days!

  4. I left you an award on my blog :)