Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Not so wordless Wednesday

I keep forgetting to take my camera with me. But I have to say for once the grey clouds that are starting to fill the sky are making me oh so happy.

My husband has gone on a kick, he wants to hike every trail in the area…for those of you who know me you know:

I am not athletic,

I am not outdoorsy.

I can tolerate little discomfort I haven’t chosen myself.

That being said, going up a zig zag trail up a hill/mountain side when it looks like it is going to storm has not been my thing. But because I love this man I have done it the last two days. Ok I was bribed with Ice Cream the first day…

What do you do for your significant other that you would rather not?

Today they predict storms by 5pm :) I’m just sayin’  a day off isn’t too bad to me!


  1. Camping. We will be going for 5 days to a place with no showers. He is borrowing his parents RV, and he says I can shower every other day in it. Give me a break, I have curly hair, it has to be every day!

  2. If we're being honest? Have sex. Hahahaha there are just some nights that I'm like, no way in hell but I do it anyways. Ha!