Monday, February 28, 2011

Where to begin?

So new mommydom has taken over my life, duh.

The bean is great, we sleep around 5 hours starting around 10pm and have been progressing towards 6-7 hours in the last few days. I’m very proud of my sleepy little boy.

He loves all things that move, the swing, the car or just being strapped to mommy. He eats, and eat and eats! I’m sure as a little boy this is something he might never grow out of, his daddy sure hasn’t :)

Speaking of Daddy he’s been out of town for the last few weeks but will finally be reunited with his little boy this week. I’m excited to see his reaction to how much he has changed.

I feel like in the past few weeks he has really gone from being a newborn to a baby. He has changed so much from the way he looks to the way he looks at me.

Everyone says by now he knows I’m his mom. I’m not sure about that but he really seems to follow me more with his eyes.

Of course one of my favorite things to do with him is a photo shoot. He’s such a cute little guy, I’m not sure how I got so lucky!


Wednesday, February 16, 2011


So daddy is gone to play army (that’s what I call it when he is training…some may not like it but I do so just take it with a grain of salt :) ) and we’re hanging out with Grandmas and Grandpas getting to know everyone.

Liam has been a very good baby. He sleeps 4-5 hours starting after our 10pm feeding. He loves going places or just staying at home, in general he is very cooperative in everything we do. He is my biggest blessing by far!


As you can see he was pretty happy with his first big car trip!


I think it’s official, I’ve joined the mamarazzi club :) I just can’t resist that handsome face!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Long Over due!

in many ways! haha. Bean was born on Jan 22, at 4:46 am, 8lbs 4oz, 21in! It was an unexpected C-section but we are so happy he is finally here! I went in the morning of the 21st and after being in labor for 12+ hours they decided he was not going to come out the way he was supposed to, mainly he was headed forhead first and so we went with plan B.

He is here and doing well.