Wednesday, November 18, 2009

It's gone to the Dogs!

Talley is in that cone, somewhere. She has had mange for the last month and is not getting better. In fact after much medication she is getting worse. And so I had to put a cone on her. I choose this one because she does most of her damage during the night, so I figured putting it on her only at night it should be comfortable enough to sleep in. This was the best option, it's all soft and pillowy. However she doesn't feel the same way I do. She is still laying like that ignoring me, I had to put her on the couch (her normal lazy spot) because she can't jump with it on apparently haha.
Now the little one. He likes to hide. Particularly wherever the clean laundry is being kept, in this case near the kitchen table.

Or last week the corner of the bedroom. What a cute little booger!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dear week, please go faster.

This week has been going by pretty slow, I have to say I'm disappointed. I can't wait for Friday to get here!!! I have changed my plans and will be heading home a little earlier than expected but that's a ok with me...especially after hearing people yelling at each other just yards from my bedroom window on Sunday evening....

I have a rant. I think it is rude to invited people to a wedding and then tell them how many people they can or cannot bring. It's not a plated dinner. And no I didn't try to bring 10 people...I requested in a timely manner (like the day after I got my invitation) to bring one extra person. I think they should also consider that people will be unable to come leaving space for other people. It is a holiday weekend after all.

I have all of my things packed and ready to go. E's things are sitting on our bed. My original plan of bringing one suitcase is not going to happen. Since I will in TX for two months and he will only be there for 3 weeks....whew it's just a lot of stuff, especially when you count all the dog stuff.

Gotta keep cleaning!!!!!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Week two is OVER!!

Very excited to say that week 2 of Ranger is OVER!!! One more week until I get to see my sweet sweet and I'm sure all too skinny and hungary husband. I misssssssss him so much!! (how am I ever going to live through the deployments whew!?!)

I have a Christmas gift for him. I know I know it's super early there are still weeks until Christmas but I have to give it to him now!!! I can't wait any longer, I hope he likes it! I hope he jumps up and down and just loves it!

Not that I really expect him to do that sort of thing, becuase he has never done in his life but it would be really cute if he did.

Or else he might throw it at me...which I really hope he doesn't haha.

My day just took a turn, like right this second. Florida scored another touchdown....South Carolina was sooooo close to taking a lead. GOSH DARN IT!

Heres to hoping Utah beats TCU!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Productivity is a blessing!

It has been raining non stop here!! It's really just the pits, started around 9:00 last night and is still raining now. Really makes for some unhappy puppies, they have to swim every time they go out of the door haha.

Since Eric has been gone I have been starting my day late late late. I'm talking not doing anything until after lunch late. I keep telling myself it's because I'm feuling up for the long drive home in two weeks. I also keep telling myself it's becuase I stay up really late. When he is home we go to bed around 9pm or earlier, mostly because he has to wake up so early. However when he isn't home I go to bed wheneven I feel like it :).

So starting the day late makes it feel really productive becuase I get everything done in just a few hours. Today was no exception. First I took care of some cleaning, then made the trek to Auburn to pick some things up at Academy. It just baffles me they don't have an Academy home there are three just in the Austin choices around here are Auburn or Macon...Auburn wins obviously it's just closer!! Then I made my way to Wal Mart for some wrapping materials, and finally the post office. Everything I send Eric at Ranger has to be sent, well ok doesn't have to be sent but they recommend it be sent, priority so that it gets there on time. In addition I had to wrap my box, which was full of baby shower things for my dear sister in law! Her shower is on Saturday so it had to be sent 2 day express.

Whew it was an afternoon! Not to mention I did it all battling the rain!!

I am so happy to say I picked up a gift for my sister for Christmas. That means I have some of Eric's gifts, and one of my sisters. Next week it will be time to get serious about the gifts.

I'm no excited that tomorrow is Wednesday, things always speed up after that!! And this weekend is full of fun things to do...why do I have a feeling next week will be the longest week of my life? hahah

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Four down,seventeen to go....

It's only been four days and I am incredibly bored. There is so little to do when Erice isn't around. I find myself watching wayyyyy too much t.v. I can't wait until he calls, I'm hoping, praying and keeping my fingers crossed that he will get the chance to get to a pay phone this weekend. (and hoping he remembers the phone number, you may be laughing but I married a man with a very very bad memory and he has forgotten my phone number before...since we've been married. :) )

And my poor baby dog... :( he has worms. I know this is a completely unappetizing subject so I won't go into detail but let me just say it was like the stomach flu in a puppy. He has 3 different types and is now highly medicated....he is fast asleep on my lap after a quick romp with sister around the house.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Wow. Eric left for ranger school yesterday and it already feels like a lifetime ago. I didn't cry, I haven't cried. I've been hanging out here at home with the puppies and relaxing, going to try to start working out a little bit tomorrow. We'll see how that goes.

I can't wait for this all to be over, it's just a test of my patience. It wouldn't be quiet so bad if I could at least hear his voice over the phone. I hoping and keeping my fingers crossed that he might have the chance to call next week. They put a phone card on the packing list and he was told he would be able to use a pay phone at some point in time.

We'll see.

I received message today that he passed him PT test, tomorrow is land navigation and then a retest. (not sure what that is) but we're all pulling for him!!

Today a friend came over to replace a front porch light for me, he came directly from post, needless to say the puppies thought he was dad. They followed him all around the front yard and licked and tried to go home with him. Poor dogs, I can't even explain to them what is going on.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Quick plug

I don't really have the energy to talk about much today, it's just one of those days.

However I do want to plug a friend's business:

They are amazing, they did my bridal protraits and if they had been doing wedding photography I would have snapped that up!!!

If you're in the Austin area (or vicinity) you should check them out, they do more than just weddings too!!