Monday, November 2, 2009

Wow. Eric left for ranger school yesterday and it already feels like a lifetime ago. I didn't cry, I haven't cried. I've been hanging out here at home with the puppies and relaxing, going to try to start working out a little bit tomorrow. We'll see how that goes.

I can't wait for this all to be over, it's just a test of my patience. It wouldn't be quiet so bad if I could at least hear his voice over the phone. I hoping and keeping my fingers crossed that he might have the chance to call next week. They put a phone card on the packing list and he was told he would be able to use a pay phone at some point in time.

We'll see.

I received message today that he passed him PT test, tomorrow is land navigation and then a retest. (not sure what that is) but we're all pulling for him!!

Today a friend came over to replace a front porch light for me, he came directly from post, needless to say the puppies thought he was dad. They followed him all around the front yard and licked and tried to go home with him. Poor dogs, I can't even explain to them what is going on.


  1. just checking to see if this goes to my e-mail.

  2. Congrats on your hubby getting through the first day! Hopefully, the rest of the time will go rather quickly for you!