Saturday, October 31, 2009

Womp Womp

So Eric leaves for Ranger school tomorrow morning. Needless to say his mood hasn't been the best, and all of that on top of today being a Saturday Halloween has just been sad. haha Anyone who knows the Bier boys knows they love to think up stupid costumes, but tonight is just filled with UT football and an early bedtime.

We did get to carve pumpkins, mine being the only appropriate one I'll show you :)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

It's Official!!!

Eric is now a U.S. INFANTRYMAN! hahah His graduation was on Thursday and we have been running ever since!

Putting on his blue cord!
Now we are preparing for Ranger schoold...dun dun dun. Not looking forward to the experience but grateful for it!

Last but not least on Saturday we added a new member to our family: Bevo Barky McBarkerson. He is a precious chocolate lab pup from the Flint County Human Society and the new love of my life....don't tell my husband.

Talley has also fallen in love with him!

Bevo & Talley snuggled up for the night!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Making a House a Home!

So this is my first go round at decorating our house. Knowing we weren't going to be here too long I didn't go all out for Halloween but did add a few touches to say the holidays are beginning! My favorite part of our decorations is the wreath. A few months back I bought a twig wreath and every month I switch out the stuff I decorate it with, a few silk flowers and some ribbon. It makes decorating easy, every month I just pulll out the tub and switch it up!

And two weekends ago we made a suprise trip to IKEA. I had planned to go alone and look while Eric was at work but he surprised me and we went on Sunday!! It was a great afternoon in Atlanta!! Since the last time I had been in an IKEA was before the wedding :) it made my weekend!Our great find was this beautiful duvet!! We narrowed it down to three different comforters and this was the winner. I let Eric pick it out since I picked out our spring duvet.

Being the creative guy he is E suggested I make some dark chocolate pillows to go behind the duvet shams to match the flowers! They turned out really good! I found some what they called "outer wear" material at JoAnns for $7 a yard, and out of one yard made two pillows! Over all we came out with new bedding for under $100!!
I can't wait for our move to find a place we can really decorate!!!


Sorry about the absence! I haven't been blogging very much lately, I don't know just didn't really have the vibe I geuss. Lately things have been sailing along. We are both so ready for our PCS and are just patiently waiting for the end of IOBC.

Speaking of which, things are getting exciting again!!So on the first of Oct. we had the senior spouse social! fun! The theme was a spooky spouse's social which was neat becuase we all got the chance to dress up in a fun costume and socialize a little bit more. The senior spouses were very helpful and so open to answering some questions we all had!

Last weekend E and I attended the Georgia National Fair. Being from TX this was our first "fair" we are used to rodeos which tend to be a little different. It was fun, the best part: of course the food :) smoked turkey legs and roasted corn are, in my opinion, some of the best food ever!
The next couple weeks are going to be pretty busy for us around here. E graduates from IOBC next week, tomorrow the ladies get to see the men in action (for the first time!! all of our other events have been cancelled due to bad weather :( )Friday we have a picnic and on the 29th we are having a thanksgiving celebration at our house before Ranger school ...whew!!! not mention we haven't taken our christmas picture! hahah!
Hopefully I'll be on and posting more! I have some Halloween decor pictures I keep forgetting to upload haha ....all in good time!