Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Making a House a Home!

So this is my first go round at decorating our house. Knowing we weren't going to be here too long I didn't go all out for Halloween but did add a few touches to say the holidays are beginning! My favorite part of our decorations is the wreath. A few months back I bought a twig wreath and every month I switch out the stuff I decorate it with, a few silk flowers and some ribbon. It makes decorating easy, every month I just pulll out the tub and switch it up!

And two weekends ago we made a suprise trip to IKEA. I had planned to go alone and look while Eric was at work but he surprised me and we went on Sunday!! It was a great afternoon in Atlanta!! Since the last time I had been in an IKEA was before the wedding :) it made my weekend!Our great find was this beautiful duvet!! We narrowed it down to three different comforters and this was the winner. I let Eric pick it out since I picked out our spring duvet.

Being the creative guy he is E suggested I make some dark chocolate pillows to go behind the duvet shams to match the flowers! They turned out really good! I found some what they called "outer wear" material at JoAnns for $7 a yard, and out of one yard made two pillows! Over all we came out with new bedding for under $100!!
I can't wait for our move to find a place we can really decorate!!!

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