Monday, August 31, 2009

Where did the weekend go?

This past weekend was a very calm quiet weekend around our house.

One of our family friends is in town for Airborn school, lucky kid gets to start school 2 weeks late! So we went to the Atlanta Bread Company for dinner YUMMMM! I love this reastaurant. We used to have one in Round Rock but for some reason it closed up. If you ever get the chance have a bread bowl full of french onion, it's the best warm meal ever! E was skeptical but settled on a bread bowl of clam chowder and needless to say we will be returning:) Late we went to Buffalo Wild Wings for a drink and that pretty much rounded out our Friday night.

Saturday was a slow day as well, we basically spent the day getting some errands done, meaning we went to Commandos not once not twice but 3X! haha There was a mix up in one of E's orders so we had to run an errand for the commandos people before we could actually have his order completed. Later Saturday evening we watched the UFC fight with some friends, not my favorite activity but spending time with E is so that's what it was all about.

Sunday was just plain slow, we watched What Happens in Vegas, E did homework and I did the grocery shopping...prolly the last time I do that for a while.

Thursday my parents come into town and I am SOOOO excited! I haven't seen them since June and that is the longest I've gone in a really long time!

Can't wait we have lots of fun things planned!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Sometimes it just so hard to find things to write about. Today was a home alone day, those days are always interesting. This town is just so different from home, this state is NOTHING like Texas. I can't wait for the day we get to go home, right now it's just a dream on the horizon.

In other news, movies movies movies!! Today was a movie day! The local library is the best! There movies have already hit theaters, most of them a long time ago, however they were movies E didn't want to see or I couldn't talk him into going to sooooo I rent them when he is at work! They have all kinds of movies and so the Bierschenk Marquee today read:

He's Just Not That Into You
Coco Chanel
Mrs. Pettigrew Lives for a Day.
By far my favorite: Coco Chanel. It was just the story of her life but nonethe less loved it!
So keeping myself busy while E is at work is the hardest thing ever. I always thought before we got married I would be able to find some little job in a shop or become really involved or just act on my hobbies. Well a person can only knit or paint or cross stitch for so long before they get bored out of their brains.
Recently I've been working on my sister in laws baby shower! So excited!! This is my first real family event, since marrying into the family anyway :). When my sister was pregnant I was too young to throw a shower so I'm excited to get to play a part. The theme is "winnie the pooh" and it's her first girl. So far things are rolling along, the geust book page is finished but I'm slightly stuck on the invitations.
The geust book: a honey pot with flowers coming out of it, each geust will sign a flower.
Possible ideas for the invitations: rectangles with some sort of honey qoute and the information on the back, honey pots with information on the back, winnie the pooh note cards (haven't had much luck finding these)....I wanted to make something unique but this is getting harder and harder!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Weekend Round Up!!

So I know I'm a day late on my updates but here it goes!

Friday was an awesome evening. E and I stayed up late and watched movies, something we haven't done at home in a while. We watched Bedtime Stories, with Adam Sandler and Marley and Me with Jennifer Anniston. They were good! Marley and me was incredibly sad, E said "almost as sad as Up!" hahah...yes he almost cried at Up! It was one for the record books and is now how he measures the sadness of movies.

Saturday we were a little more active. During the day we made our way out to Macon to Smiley's flea market. In my opinion it wasn't worth it...they had a bunch of stuff that had been cast off by stores, some knock offs and lots of food...we had some good Horchata, something you don't find alot out here in the deep south so far from Texas. It was a little piece of home, that was the good part. E found some video game, we all know he needs another one of those...and we saw some really cute pups. The lady that had the pups there appeared to be a breeder....anyone have experience with that kind of situation? We would like to get another very very small dog to keep our dog out of trouble but we're a little wary of this kind of sitatution. It was a good price and the dogs appeared to be healthy but that's what our friend thought when he bought from a breeder and the dog died six days later....

Saturday night we made our way to cheddars to hang out with some friends. This was honestly the worst restaurant experience I have ever had in my life. Our waitress was very slow, I'm not sure if we were being ignored or if she was just that busy. From where we sat she just appeared to be ignoring us. There were 11 people at our table, and most of the people were recieving their food before the waitress came back with their I'm not trying to be rude but I waited tables for 4 years, It's really not that hard to make sure someone gets their drinks first...

I was also the DD, so after Cheddars we made our way to this neat little place Sports Page so they boys, yes the boys, could do some karaoke. haha too fun! It was great to watch.

Sunday was again a lzay day. E did some homework while I did my favorite, groceries :).

Other than that we have had a slow start to the week, not much going on lately....I'll see what I can do.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Show Us Your Life Friday!!!

”Show Us Your Life with Kelly's Korner”

Ok I'm excited because this is my very first show us your life friday! I love this idea, it's fun and it ensures I have something to write about haha! So my theme is Anne Geddes! I love her pictures, the babies are just sooo cute! My sister in law is about to have a little girl so this theme is very girly and very perfect!! Can't wait!

1,1 OK so I would start with Anne Geddes as the invitations, this cute little stationary store in Austin carries Anne Geddes Cards, I would use those stamping the Who What When Where (you can find this stamp at Hobby Lobby or Micheals) on the inside and filling it out by hand.

1,2 I love the idea of sashes, it just makes a person feel special :). Being from the south there is nothing a girl likes better than to have big hair and feel like a beauty queen (ok well maybe just feel like the queen for a day). So I would for sure invest in the mommy to be sash!

1,3 The Geust book would follow along with the flowered Geddes theme. We would have a flower center already made, it would say "Whoevers shower at whatever date" then each geust would sign a petal of the flower and after the shower we would connect them and mount it on at 12x12 scrapbook page.

2,1 The cake (the most important part!!) would be a dirt pie! :) I would fill a terracotta pot withe chocolate pudding, fill the top with crushed oreo. Then to make it into a pretty plant I would put a bushel of fake flowers in the pot!

2,2 Ok the games!! I only put two on here becuase it's all I had room for and go figure that square is the messed up square...I obviously did something wrong. Well it was a die cut flower, or rather a selection of die cut flowers. Each geust gets a flower, on that flower they write a memorie or something special from their childhood that helped them "blossom". They then take turns reading them aloud, the mother to be gets to pick her favorite one or you can put them in a hat and draw one. The flowers are then either a. attached to green pipecleaners and put in a pot of moss as a decoration or b. attached to a metal ring for the mother to keep.

2,3 I would give a small potted plant, just little flower from the grocery store, (I found some for my kitchen for 1.50!) as the prize.

3,1 The next game would be the identfy that flower. I would use printed pictures or some sort of representation of flowers. Some your common household flowers some exotic crazy types. Then we would hold them up and have the geusts geuss the names of the flowers. (just the common joe names). Whoever has the most right wins a prize!

3,2 The next two are my party favors. Flower topped pens (these can also be used at the geust book table.

3,3 seed packets, there are two ways this can be done, like you see here as a deccoration (on the back you could write the occasion information or you can give out actual seed packets (very inexpensive $.10!)

I can't wait to use these ideas!! THis was fun, hope you all enjoy!

Delayed post

Soooo I keeep trying to upload my pictures but Blogger doesn't seem to want to let me. I tried about four times last night and again this morning but to no avail. Maybe later today. Yesterday I had some great finds for under $20! hopefully I get to uplaod the pictures to show everyone.

On another note, please don't get me wrong, I love children, I look forward to having children one day, sooner rather than later. I will never be one of those people who says "I believe in birth control" when I hear a screaming child. However I don't think we should hear screaming children everywhere!Yesterday I was in Hobby Lobby, the craft store we all know and love, and this child was just screaming! Not crying, not moaning, screaming bloody murder about something his mom wouldn't let him do or buy. It was a full blown temper tantrum, mom just ignored him. I have a really big problem with this, I understand it may be your way of dealing with the problem but I find it very rude to the rest of the world. Am I crazy? Is this really an effective way to deal with the problem? Now on Sunday at mass, whew, let me tell you the priest was very kind in not saying anything. Back where we come from father would have stopped right in the middle of what he was doing and asked the mother to make a trip to the good old cry room! This small child screamed, in the middle of church (!) until after communion, a good 30 mintues, and mother just ignroed him! I believe there is a time and place for this kind of treatment and it is not in the presence of every person in town!
My mother always taught me with my neices and nephews that if the child starts to scream and won't stop after the first time you just leave. You don't need anything that bad,especially hobby items, but raising a well behaved child should be one of your foremost goals in life.
In other news, yet again, I don't understand by E's platoon is kept later every single night than any of the other platoons in his unit. His cadre just won't ever let them go. It's like some sort of cruel joke or something. They will intentionally leave everyone outside, waiting for hours, for nothing...I know I know it's his job, but really...8pm is ridiculous when everyone else has gone home at 3...I would be a little more understanding if I knew he was actually working.
Sorry just my little rant! Does this sort of thing bother anyone else? I know I don't have kids,and this is the life I signed up for I'll just have to ask God for a little more patience.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


This is my furbaby, the one and only Talley. Talley is our little blessing, she came to us in June. She is a verry mischeievious Jack Chi (Jack Russel Chihuahua). I love this picture, we bought her a bed a few weeks ago, until that point she had been sleeping in a crate, one of those horrible plastic air travel crates, and now she sleeps in this funny position every night!

She is definatly a pain in the side but just too cute to do anything about.

In other news E came in from the field today. So thankful. We haven't been through a deployment yet and I dread the day we are faced with that inveitable truth. It's bad enough after 48 hours, he's so tired, stinky and sore...I can't even imagine what it will be like after 365 days. My heart goes out to all those who are currently going through, have gone through or are getting ready to go through a future deployment.

Happy News: We had an awesome dinner!

Try this on for size, E Loved it!

"Delicious Pork Chops"
3/4 cup biscuit mix
1 tsp paprika
3/4 cup Italian Dressing
1 package bread crumbs (seasoned on plain your choice, Italian seasoned works really well)

Creat three bowls. 1. Biscuit and paprika 2. Italian dressing 3. Bread crumbs. Dip porkchops in all three bowls, in that order.

Fry (or bake) your porkchops! Yummi, fast and easy!

I made this self created Orzo dish as well

1 package of Orzo
2 roma tomatoes
1 cup fresh spinach
1 cup fancy shredded Mozerella chees
Lemon pepper
Lemon Juice

Dice the tomatoes, tear the spinach. Mix drained orzo with tomatoes, spinach and cheese. Add 1 tbsp of lemmon pepper seasoning, add lemon juice to taste.

Quick easy yummi!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Last Mintue Post...

Ok so I just have to say I have discovered the wonderful world of Army wife blogs! I don't know why I didn't think to look this up before but I am in love! This is the best therapy I have found yet!

Tastey Theater ? Tuesday!!!

Today I went by myself, yes all alone, to watch The Proposal while Eric was at work. Let me just say, it's not Sandra Bullocks funniest movie but it was very cute! I would recommend it for any girls night however I would not subject the husbands out there to it, it would not win him over to the chick flick side!!

Movies I am looking forward to seeing:
1. Julie and Julia
2. Extract
3.The Time Travellers Wife
4. The Goods: Sell Hard Live Hard
5. Post Grad6. All About Steve
7. The Ugly Truthand since I can't do things in odds...
8. Love Happens (love love love Jennifer Aniston!!)

Ok so being the homemaker I am I've been trying out new recipes on my new husband :) Poor guy, thankfully nothing has been horrible and he eats every last bit I put in front of him. The key is to listen for how many times he says it's good, if it's more than once and he makes no suggestions on how to "improve the meal" then that means it's a winner. So here it goes!!!

Last night we had Spaghetti and Meatballs!!! hahah. Ok so I've never made meatballs before, this time I did it from scratch, and it wasn't too is my recipe, if you have a better one please share but this was over all pretty darn delish!

1 egg
1 tsp minced garlic
1 slice of white onion minced
1.5 lbs of ground beef
1.5 cans of your favorite spaghetti sauce
1 tsp olive oil
1 package of your favorite spaghetti ( I always use angel hair, it's just my favorite!)

Mix egg, garlic, minced onion, ground beef and 1 tbsp of spaghetti sauce (you can use a spoon, but it's much more fun and easier with your hands!!!). Form beef into golf ball size mounds (my suggestion you can use any size you like). In a frying pan pour the tsp of olive oil and heat, add the meat balls, moving around until brown (spatchula works best, the balls tend to fall apart if you use tongs). Once all meatballs are browned add your speghetti sauce cooking for 15 -20 mintues or until meatballs are cooked all the way through.

Cook spaghetti to your liking, and add meatball mixture to top!!

If you actually use the whole 1/2 lb of ground beef you will have more than enough to make meatball subs out of the leftovers!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Weekend Round Up!!

Ok so day one of something new!!! Today is the weekend round up, basically filling you in on all the fun we had this weekend!!

Well anyone who knows the hubsy knows that he is a gun lover!! He has a few but one of his favorite activities is window shopping for his next aquisition. So this weekend we got the chance to do just that. Columbus hosted it's very own gun show. Now if you're afraid of these massive metal weapons then this was not the place for you! It was definatly a new experience, this was my first gun show...we'll see if I make it to another ;)

After the show we discovered Marco's Pizza. It's always fun living in a new place and finding "the places". Marco's is definatley THE pizza place. I would recommend it to anyone!

For those few that remember, 4 years ago saturday was the day Eric and I had our first date! He definatly stepped it up this time. We ate a wonnnnderful dinner at Houlihans which is located at the Marriott Columbus, the nicest hotel in Columbus haha. It was also the sight of the old mill. I would go back for sure! It was delicious. We had spinach artichoke dip, stuff chicken breast, sirloin, creme brulee, pecan pie and a snickers scoop!! (they did mini desserts we weren't being cows haha)
Late that evening we met up with some friends for some drinks. There is a great brew pub here in town called The Cannon. I love their souviners!! For those who don't know the Army Ranger battallions have the same logo, however theirs says Ranger not beer :).
They also happen to make their own Root Beer. Delicious!!!

Then our friends found this awesome little place called Belloos!!! I would definatly go back, if it weren't so expensive ahha. Maybe as our occisional treat! We were sat in the VIP section, which was basically on the stage, in these great leather couches. The boys all purchased their choice of cigar while I had the chance to enjoy my Pinot Grigio. A jazz band was playing and all in all it was a very chill, very posh, atmosphere.
Sunday rolled around and Eric was very sad haha. Work loomed in the distance and that's always a sad thought. After church we took the pup to pet smart to see some of her own kind. The funny part is she gets really excited yet really scared!! She pulls at the leash barks at the other dogs but the moment she is barked at she runs inbetween our legs.
And then, we have a new Sunday tradtion, Crab Rangoon. Yes Crab Rangoon, those crispy little chinese pastries filled with sweet crab stuff. I can't describe it but I had them for the first time on our vacation to Jekyll Island ever since then I've been hooked and we find a new place to Eat Crab Rangoon after church. So far we've hit Little Buddha and New China :)
We had a great weekend and I can't wait for the next one!!! ahhhh!
Stay tuned more great stuff coming tomorrow!!!