Monday, August 31, 2009

Where did the weekend go?

This past weekend was a very calm quiet weekend around our house.

One of our family friends is in town for Airborn school, lucky kid gets to start school 2 weeks late! So we went to the Atlanta Bread Company for dinner YUMMMM! I love this reastaurant. We used to have one in Round Rock but for some reason it closed up. If you ever get the chance have a bread bowl full of french onion, it's the best warm meal ever! E was skeptical but settled on a bread bowl of clam chowder and needless to say we will be returning:) Late we went to Buffalo Wild Wings for a drink and that pretty much rounded out our Friday night.

Saturday was a slow day as well, we basically spent the day getting some errands done, meaning we went to Commandos not once not twice but 3X! haha There was a mix up in one of E's orders so we had to run an errand for the commandos people before we could actually have his order completed. Later Saturday evening we watched the UFC fight with some friends, not my favorite activity but spending time with E is so that's what it was all about.

Sunday was just plain slow, we watched What Happens in Vegas, E did homework and I did the grocery shopping...prolly the last time I do that for a while.

Thursday my parents come into town and I am SOOOO excited! I haven't seen them since June and that is the longest I've gone in a really long time!

Can't wait we have lots of fun things planned!!

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  1. I always feel that our weekends pass to quickly.

    Have fun with your parents!