Friday, August 21, 2009

Show Us Your Life Friday!!!

”Show Us Your Life with Kelly's Korner”

Ok I'm excited because this is my very first show us your life friday! I love this idea, it's fun and it ensures I have something to write about haha! So my theme is Anne Geddes! I love her pictures, the babies are just sooo cute! My sister in law is about to have a little girl so this theme is very girly and very perfect!! Can't wait!

1,1 OK so I would start with Anne Geddes as the invitations, this cute little stationary store in Austin carries Anne Geddes Cards, I would use those stamping the Who What When Where (you can find this stamp at Hobby Lobby or Micheals) on the inside and filling it out by hand.

1,2 I love the idea of sashes, it just makes a person feel special :). Being from the south there is nothing a girl likes better than to have big hair and feel like a beauty queen (ok well maybe just feel like the queen for a day). So I would for sure invest in the mommy to be sash!

1,3 The Geust book would follow along with the flowered Geddes theme. We would have a flower center already made, it would say "Whoevers shower at whatever date" then each geust would sign a petal of the flower and after the shower we would connect them and mount it on at 12x12 scrapbook page.

2,1 The cake (the most important part!!) would be a dirt pie! :) I would fill a terracotta pot withe chocolate pudding, fill the top with crushed oreo. Then to make it into a pretty plant I would put a bushel of fake flowers in the pot!

2,2 Ok the games!! I only put two on here becuase it's all I had room for and go figure that square is the messed up square...I obviously did something wrong. Well it was a die cut flower, or rather a selection of die cut flowers. Each geust gets a flower, on that flower they write a memorie or something special from their childhood that helped them "blossom". They then take turns reading them aloud, the mother to be gets to pick her favorite one or you can put them in a hat and draw one. The flowers are then either a. attached to green pipecleaners and put in a pot of moss as a decoration or b. attached to a metal ring for the mother to keep.

2,3 I would give a small potted plant, just little flower from the grocery store, (I found some for my kitchen for 1.50!) as the prize.

3,1 The next game would be the identfy that flower. I would use printed pictures or some sort of representation of flowers. Some your common household flowers some exotic crazy types. Then we would hold them up and have the geusts geuss the names of the flowers. (just the common joe names). Whoever has the most right wins a prize!

3,2 The next two are my party favors. Flower topped pens (these can also be used at the geust book table.

3,3 seed packets, there are two ways this can be done, like you see here as a deccoration (on the back you could write the occasion information or you can give out actual seed packets (very inexpensive $.10!)

I can't wait to use these ideas!! THis was fun, hope you all enjoy!

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