Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Weekend Round Up!!

So I know I'm a day late on my updates but here it goes!

Friday was an awesome evening. E and I stayed up late and watched movies, something we haven't done at home in a while. We watched Bedtime Stories, with Adam Sandler and Marley and Me with Jennifer Anniston. They were good! Marley and me was incredibly sad, E said "almost as sad as Up!" hahah...yes he almost cried at Up! It was one for the record books and is now how he measures the sadness of movies.

Saturday we were a little more active. During the day we made our way out to Macon to Smiley's flea market. In my opinion it wasn't worth it...they had a bunch of stuff that had been cast off by stores, some knock offs and lots of food...we had some good Horchata, something you don't find alot out here in the deep south so far from Texas. It was a little piece of home, that was the good part. E found some video game, we all know he needs another one of those...and we saw some really cute pups. The lady that had the pups there appeared to be a breeder....anyone have experience with that kind of situation? We would like to get another very very small dog to keep our dog out of trouble but we're a little wary of this kind of sitatution. It was a good price and the dogs appeared to be healthy but that's what our friend thought when he bought from a breeder and the dog died six days later....

Saturday night we made our way to cheddars to hang out with some friends. This was honestly the worst restaurant experience I have ever had in my life. Our waitress was very slow, I'm not sure if we were being ignored or if she was just that busy. From where we sat she just appeared to be ignoring us. There were 11 people at our table, and most of the people were recieving their food before the waitress came back with their beer...boo. I'm not trying to be rude but I waited tables for 4 years, It's really not that hard to make sure someone gets their drinks first...

I was also the DD, so after Cheddars we made our way to this neat little place Sports Page so they boys, yes the boys, could do some karaoke. haha too fun! It was great to watch.

Sunday was again a lzay day. E did some homework while I did my favorite, groceries :).

Other than that we have had a slow start to the week, not much going on lately....I'll see what I can do.


  1. One of our dogs is from a breeder. As long as you purchase from a reputible breeder you should be fine. Having said that, I would never purchase a puppy from a roadside breeder. You can go to Breeders.net to do a search in your area. A good breeder will show you where the puppies live, have pappers and given the puppies their shots, etc.

  2. The Audie Murphy gym has been re-done in the last 3 weeks. They will add rowers soon. Also, they are adding a boxing ring too. It has pretty limited hours, however.