Monday, August 17, 2009

Weekend Round Up!!

Ok so day one of something new!!! Today is the weekend round up, basically filling you in on all the fun we had this weekend!!

Well anyone who knows the hubsy knows that he is a gun lover!! He has a few but one of his favorite activities is window shopping for his next aquisition. So this weekend we got the chance to do just that. Columbus hosted it's very own gun show. Now if you're afraid of these massive metal weapons then this was not the place for you! It was definatly a new experience, this was my first gun show...we'll see if I make it to another ;)

After the show we discovered Marco's Pizza. It's always fun living in a new place and finding "the places". Marco's is definatley THE pizza place. I would recommend it to anyone!

For those few that remember, 4 years ago saturday was the day Eric and I had our first date! He definatly stepped it up this time. We ate a wonnnnderful dinner at Houlihans which is located at the Marriott Columbus, the nicest hotel in Columbus haha. It was also the sight of the old mill. I would go back for sure! It was delicious. We had spinach artichoke dip, stuff chicken breast, sirloin, creme brulee, pecan pie and a snickers scoop!! (they did mini desserts we weren't being cows haha)
Late that evening we met up with some friends for some drinks. There is a great brew pub here in town called The Cannon. I love their souviners!! For those who don't know the Army Ranger battallions have the same logo, however theirs says Ranger not beer :).
They also happen to make their own Root Beer. Delicious!!!

Then our friends found this awesome little place called Belloos!!! I would definatly go back, if it weren't so expensive ahha. Maybe as our occisional treat! We were sat in the VIP section, which was basically on the stage, in these great leather couches. The boys all purchased their choice of cigar while I had the chance to enjoy my Pinot Grigio. A jazz band was playing and all in all it was a very chill, very posh, atmosphere.
Sunday rolled around and Eric was very sad haha. Work loomed in the distance and that's always a sad thought. After church we took the pup to pet smart to see some of her own kind. The funny part is she gets really excited yet really scared!! She pulls at the leash barks at the other dogs but the moment she is barked at she runs inbetween our legs.
And then, we have a new Sunday tradtion, Crab Rangoon. Yes Crab Rangoon, those crispy little chinese pastries filled with sweet crab stuff. I can't describe it but I had them for the first time on our vacation to Jekyll Island ever since then I've been hooked and we find a new place to Eat Crab Rangoon after church. So far we've hit Little Buddha and New China :)
We had a great weekend and I can't wait for the next one!!! ahhhh!
Stay tuned more great stuff coming tomorrow!!!

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