Tuesday, September 29, 2009


So the last couple weeks have just flown by in a blur! I spent last week in Louisville KY visiting some family. It was a great week! I spent time with my grandma who I don't get to see very much and on top of that I had a visit with each and every aunt and uncle!!! Growing up so far from my extended family it feels funny at first to go back, but once I'm there and things get going full swing it's wonderful! I don't think we get the full benefits of extended family as children, the real value doesn't come until we're adults and can fully understand other people.

Now for the bad parts of the trip. ATLANTA. It was flooded on the way out and flooded on the way in. It took 2 hours to get from the south side to the north side. This STUNK. I was extremely upset. Instead of taking 6.5 hours my trip took 10 hours....yuck!

On the way back I had decided to go through Alabama...this was also a mistake because the highway I was told to take had LIGHTS on it! crazy...again the return trip took 10 hours...gross.

I'm glad to be home but now there are all sorts of things to be done...I geuss I better get on the every growing list :)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

What a WEEK!

Ok so I've been really bad about updating lately :( for all two of you who read about my life I apologize! Hopefully this loaded post will entertain you!

On Monday I left for a 10 hour drive to Indianapolis to visit my mom's family. E was headed to the field for the week so things worked out great! It was so amazing to spend time with my family, I don't get the chance to do that often since Texas and Indy are too far away! But the dog slept the entire way and we made it! While in Indy I did some serious shopping, they have AJ Wrights (like a TJ Maxx but cheap cheap cheaper!) where I bought E and I Indianapolis Colts gear for under $30! then we went to the flower shop, which requires a membership but is like a Garden Ridge (aahhhhmazing!) then we stopped at by far my favorite: The Christmas Tree Shops!! They have all kinds of things at very low prices! I finally bought a mini flag pole to hang my mini holiday flags on in our front yard ($2.99), a replacement Chindi rug for the kitchen ($4.99), a halloween flag for the pole ($1)!!! made my day! It was the best store EVER!

Oooh and did I mention we had WHITE CASTLE??? mmm my favorite! they are those tastey little burgers with just grilled onions and cheese on them mmmmmm! E was no doubt jealous!

Wednesday night my Aunt had all of the family over for sloppy joes and catch up! It was great! I love those kind of days!

I am also now addicted to the memory foam contoured pillows. Just so happens Target has them on sale this week for 17.49!!! geuss who is getting one!!! :)

So I left around 5:30 on Friday morning to make the 10 hour drive home, little did I know my poor hubsy would be stranded in the field 24 more hours. There was a terrible mix up and someone lost some night vision goggles, well when things like this happen no one goes home. So they searched bags, people, even did amnesty checks (think a teacher telling the student to put something on her desk that he took while she is out of the room...anonymously so no one gets in trouble), then they were shipped back to the field and put on lock down. So even though the unit was done at 12pm on Friday they were not released until 4pm on Saturday. That made for a frustrating 24 hours!! let me tell you!

This afternoon was pretty good, took E to see Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs...anyone who read the book as a kid has to go see it, turned out pretty cute!!

We have 5 weeks left of IOBC, 6 weeks until Ranger School and 4 months and 21 days until we move to CO. Very excited times, but it can't fly by fast enough!!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Friday woohoo!

TODAY IS FRIDAY! So excited. E was in the field all week and today ends the week!! He should be home...sometime...apparently something is lost. We were supposed to have a bunch of people over but it's getting late and I don't think that will be happening :( boo. I have the meatballs all made and everything :(.

On another note Mrs. over at: http://tryingourbest.blogspot.com/ is giving away a BEAUTIFUL quilted service star. Jealous! Love it! I have wanted one of these for a while, and one way or another I will get one. Even if I don't win I'll find the perfect one (that just means it wasn't supposed to be for me).

Not much planned this weekend just taking it slow.

This cabernet is tasting pretty good right now...Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi 2008. <3

I'm coping with the delay...they were supposed to be coming home about two hours ago....something is lost. We all know what that means...

So I might be crazy

I have been surviving on VERY little sleep lately. Whenever I have a night by myself I just can't sleep! You would think since I've only been married 3 1/2 months I would still be ok with sleeping alone however I don't like it. I like E to be near me, even if it just means he is in the same room. Anways, I've been in the geust room and with the pup every night. I have also caught up on my movies again!

I have a new found love: Bollywood. Mira Nair, I am convinced, is a genius! Last night I watched The Namesake, tonight Monsoon Wedding, I have Slumdog Millionaire on request (can't wait!). All wonderful.

Before that I watched Emma...it was ok, nothing to rave about. This weeks chick flick at the Carmike was All About Steve, it was one of those movies where they put all the funny parts in the preview, disappointing, but I enjoyed Sandra Bullock. In my opinion she is the best!!!Currently watching Austrialia, we'll see how this goes.

I had my first FRG meeting this evening as well. It was awesome!!! The FRG is the wives group within the army, every company has them and they are basically a support system. It was so nice to have ladies to talk to who are in the same boat. I even met some people who are moving to Carson! Neato!

So the part that might make me crazy, after the meeting I went to pick some things up at Wal Mart. Did I mention the meeting was a Pajama Pot Luck? yes yes, I walked around Wallyville in my Lipstick swirl Nick and Nora PJ pants, with just a few strange looks. When I got home I cleaned the house, nothing like some late night vacuuming :). We're having company tomorrow and I won't be home during the day to clean so I thought I'd just get it out of the way ahahha.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Whew!! What a weekend!!!

Ok so I just now catching up after the incredibly busy weekend!!! Mom and Dad arrived late Thursday night. We had so much fun I was so sad to see them go on Tuesday morning.

We spent most of the day on Friday touring post and Columbus. We took The parents to the PX and to eat at the food court. hahah this sounds so silly but it's great that they got to see what our lives are like. Friday night we went to this really cool event, the Hot Air Balloon Festival at Callaway Gardens. I had no idea what to expect and it was so much better than anything I could have planned! None of us has ever seen a real live hot air balloon, the festival was just starting and all of the people who own balloons brought them and blew them up, as the sun went down they used their torches (the hot air) to light up their balloons and put on a show for us all!! It was AHHHHHMAZING! and it was free for all of the Military and up to 5 guests.

Saturday we took mom and dad to Atlanta, I love Atlanta it is one of my new favorite places and it helps that there are a lot of fun things to do! First we started the day at the Atlanta State Aquarium, fun!! There were sooooooo many people and bunches of fish! I would recommend it to anyone, but a weekday might be a better idea. After that we walked around the down town area, since Saturday was the SEC football kick off there were people everywhere!!! Things that were going on in Atlanta:

Britney Spears Concert
Nascar Race
GA/Bama football game
Braves game...

a very busy city to say the least.
Later we took a spin around the Atlanta Underground, a neat little mall and shopping area, next we stopped at Lenox Square mall, by the time we finished all of this we were beat and had to head home.

Sunday was a restful day, we just hung out at home, the boys watched some NFL football while mom and I hit up Target. Monday we went out to Lunch at Cannon Brew Pub YUUUUUM! and then did the mall thing.

We had such a great time!! I was defiantly sad to see my parents leave! I've started counting down the days until I get to go home, I can't wait to see my friends and home ahhh patience is a virtue....

Tomorrow is my very first FRG meeting!! I don't know quiet what to expect but I can't help but be a little excited. The next few weeks are packed full of fun things to do and see I have a feeling the rest of the training period is going to fly by!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009


Ok so sitting here watching Good Morning America, I do not typically bring politics into my life. I listen, I observe but I do not however comment. Mostly because I have found anytime one comments on politics it will not doubt start an argument or intense conversation that I just find pointless.

However, on GMA this morning, there was a story about Levi Johnson. Now if I were this young mans mother I think I might have to smack him upside the head at the next family dinner, that is assuming the Johnsons are still a family and still have family dinners....that could be a contributing factor come to think of it. So Levi is the father of Bristol Palin's baby, I like the Palin family. I admire Sarah Palin, I'm not saying she would be a perfect President, governor, senator, congresswoman or any of the above, I'm not even saying I want to trade places with her (I wouldn't trade places with anyone really) but I admire her and her gusto. Now we have Mr. Johnson, when Bristol announced she was pregnant he was very adamant about not being in the public eye, that he did want anything to do with the media. Today the story I mentioned, he decided he was going to spout all kinds of "truths" about the Palin family. Now how can you call these things truths??!?!?! He is a 3rd party! If there was a third party out to tell things about my marriage, my children, my career I'd be less than happy! This young man who was considered so humble and so ready for father hood is the farthest things from what I would want for my daughter, my grandaughter or even the public to know. Some of the political analysts have decided this is all a ploy for a book deal....certainly not something that will be on our bookshelf!!!

In other Bierschenkk News!!! UT FOOTBALL KICKS OFF ON SATURDAY!!! Yes I know it is only Thursday but we just can't wait! The party will start tomorrow!!! At 7pm on Fox PPV The University of Texas at Austin Longhorns will play Louisiana Monroe (and kick their butt :) ) can't wait!!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

something to do something to do!!

Finally something to do!! Going to yoga today, finally, it's been a long time!! I can't wait, we've been on the tight side of things so sitting around has become my forte, but not today!!!

Well at least not for an hour today :). Is it sad that I haven't cleaned my house or folded the laundry so that I have something to do??? Yesterday I finished another painting, then I hung it on the wall...E has yet to notice. I thought I'd give it another day before I point it out, no doubt I will have to point it out. And no I wasn't being tricky, it has been hung in plain sight haha, right when you walk in the door it's across the way, we'll see....he was awfully sleepy last night.

I need a job, bad. I want to substitute but I'm waiting on one more recommendation before they will enter me into the system. Hopefully once that gets all taken care of the teachers will start taking some time off and putting some money in our bank account, that would be too too sweet!

I really wish I had something interesting to share but well our lives just aren't interesting lately....