Sunday, September 20, 2009

What a WEEK!

Ok so I've been really bad about updating lately :( for all two of you who read about my life I apologize! Hopefully this loaded post will entertain you!

On Monday I left for a 10 hour drive to Indianapolis to visit my mom's family. E was headed to the field for the week so things worked out great! It was so amazing to spend time with my family, I don't get the chance to do that often since Texas and Indy are too far away! But the dog slept the entire way and we made it! While in Indy I did some serious shopping, they have AJ Wrights (like a TJ Maxx but cheap cheap cheaper!) where I bought E and I Indianapolis Colts gear for under $30! then we went to the flower shop, which requires a membership but is like a Garden Ridge (aahhhhmazing!) then we stopped at by far my favorite: The Christmas Tree Shops!! They have all kinds of things at very low prices! I finally bought a mini flag pole to hang my mini holiday flags on in our front yard ($2.99), a replacement Chindi rug for the kitchen ($4.99), a halloween flag for the pole ($1)!!! made my day! It was the best store EVER!

Oooh and did I mention we had WHITE CASTLE??? mmm my favorite! they are those tastey little burgers with just grilled onions and cheese on them mmmmmm! E was no doubt jealous!

Wednesday night my Aunt had all of the family over for sloppy joes and catch up! It was great! I love those kind of days!

I am also now addicted to the memory foam contoured pillows. Just so happens Target has them on sale this week for 17.49!!! geuss who is getting one!!! :)

So I left around 5:30 on Friday morning to make the 10 hour drive home, little did I know my poor hubsy would be stranded in the field 24 more hours. There was a terrible mix up and someone lost some night vision goggles, well when things like this happen no one goes home. So they searched bags, people, even did amnesty checks (think a teacher telling the student to put something on her desk that he took while she is out of the room...anonymously so no one gets in trouble), then they were shipped back to the field and put on lock down. So even though the unit was done at 12pm on Friday they were not released until 4pm on Saturday. That made for a frustrating 24 hours!! let me tell you!

This afternoon was pretty good, took E to see Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs...anyone who read the book as a kid has to go see it, turned out pretty cute!!

We have 5 weeks left of IOBC, 6 weeks until Ranger School and 4 months and 21 days until we move to CO. Very excited times, but it can't fly by fast enough!!

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  1. I hate it when they get locked down for something like that, because it was usually lost anyway or back at the company. Of course there are those times when it is a valid lockdown, so I guess they have to do it.

    Sounds like a great trip home! When are you headed this direction? I wish I had known early enough so I could have stocked up on cold weather gear!