Thursday, September 3, 2009


Ok so sitting here watching Good Morning America, I do not typically bring politics into my life. I listen, I observe but I do not however comment. Mostly because I have found anytime one comments on politics it will not doubt start an argument or intense conversation that I just find pointless.

However, on GMA this morning, there was a story about Levi Johnson. Now if I were this young mans mother I think I might have to smack him upside the head at the next family dinner, that is assuming the Johnsons are still a family and still have family dinners....that could be a contributing factor come to think of it. So Levi is the father of Bristol Palin's baby, I like the Palin family. I admire Sarah Palin, I'm not saying she would be a perfect President, governor, senator, congresswoman or any of the above, I'm not even saying I want to trade places with her (I wouldn't trade places with anyone really) but I admire her and her gusto. Now we have Mr. Johnson, when Bristol announced she was pregnant he was very adamant about not being in the public eye, that he did want anything to do with the media. Today the story I mentioned, he decided he was going to spout all kinds of "truths" about the Palin family. Now how can you call these things truths??!?!?! He is a 3rd party! If there was a third party out to tell things about my marriage, my children, my career I'd be less than happy! This young man who was considered so humble and so ready for father hood is the farthest things from what I would want for my daughter, my grandaughter or even the public to know. Some of the political analysts have decided this is all a ploy for a book deal....certainly not something that will be on our bookshelf!!!

In other Bierschenkk News!!! UT FOOTBALL KICKS OFF ON SATURDAY!!! Yes I know it is only Thursday but we just can't wait! The party will start tomorrow!!! At 7pm on Fox PPV The University of Texas at Austin Longhorns will play Louisiana Monroe (and kick their butt :) ) can't wait!!!

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