Tuesday, September 1, 2009

something to do something to do!!

Finally something to do!! Going to yoga today, finally, it's been a long time!! I can't wait, we've been on the tight side of things so sitting around has become my forte, but not today!!!

Well at least not for an hour today :). Is it sad that I haven't cleaned my house or folded the laundry so that I have something to do??? Yesterday I finished another painting, then I hung it on the wall...E has yet to notice. I thought I'd give it another day before I point it out, no doubt I will have to point it out. And no I wasn't being tricky, it has been hung in plain sight haha, right when you walk in the door it's across the way, we'll see....he was awfully sleepy last night.

I need a job, bad. I want to substitute but I'm waiting on one more recommendation before they will enter me into the system. Hopefully once that gets all taken care of the teachers will start taking some time off and putting some money in our bank account, that would be too too sweet!

I really wish I had something interesting to share but well our lives just aren't interesting lately....

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