Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Productivity is a blessing!

It has been raining non stop here!! It's really just the pits, started around 9:00 last night and is still raining now. Really makes for some unhappy puppies, they have to swim every time they go out of the door haha.

Since Eric has been gone I have been starting my day late late late. I'm talking not doing anything until after lunch late. I keep telling myself it's because I'm feuling up for the long drive home in two weeks. I also keep telling myself it's becuase I stay up really late. When he is home we go to bed around 9pm or earlier, mostly because he has to wake up so early. However when he isn't home I go to bed wheneven I feel like it :).

So starting the day late makes it feel really productive becuase I get everything done in just a few hours. Today was no exception. First I took care of some cleaning, then made the trek to Auburn to pick some things up at Academy. It just baffles me they don't have an Academy here...at home there are three just in the Austin area....my choices around here are Auburn or Macon...Auburn wins obviously it's just closer!! Then I made my way to Wal Mart for some wrapping materials, and finally the post office. Everything I send Eric at Ranger has to be sent, well ok doesn't have to be sent but they recommend it be sent, priority so that it gets there on time. In addition I had to wrap my box, which was full of baby shower things for my dear sister in law! Her shower is on Saturday so it had to be sent 2 day express.

Whew it was an afternoon! Not to mention I did it all battling the rain!!

I am so happy to say I picked up a gift for my sister for Christmas. That means I have some of Eric's gifts, and one of my sisters. Next week it will be time to get serious about the gifts.

I'm no excited that tomorrow is Wednesday, things always speed up after that!! And this weekend is full of fun things to do...why do I have a feeling next week will be the longest week of my life? hahah

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