Saturday, November 14, 2009

Week two is OVER!!

Very excited to say that week 2 of Ranger is OVER!!! One more week until I get to see my sweet sweet and I'm sure all too skinny and hungary husband. I misssssssss him so much!! (how am I ever going to live through the deployments whew!?!)

I have a Christmas gift for him. I know I know it's super early there are still weeks until Christmas but I have to give it to him now!!! I can't wait any longer, I hope he likes it! I hope he jumps up and down and just loves it!

Not that I really expect him to do that sort of thing, becuase he has never done in his life but it would be really cute if he did.

Or else he might throw it at me...which I really hope he doesn't haha.

My day just took a turn, like right this second. Florida scored another touchdown....South Carolina was sooooo close to taking a lead. GOSH DARN IT!

Heres to hoping Utah beats TCU!

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