Sunday, May 9, 2010

My troublemaker


That was the day we brought her home. She does dumb stuff all the time.

Last week we planted a “pizza” garden, tomatoes, basil, thyme, I added some cilantro for funsies…after all it’s my favorite herb EVER.

She at it. All of them except the Cilantro. Roots and all. It’s not like we planted it in the ground, E has been making flower boxes and made a box that sits about feet feet high by two feet wide/deep. She jumped up on top of it, dug up one plant at a time and ate them up.

E came home and needless to say was upset.I was upset too but I bought some chicken wire and solved that problem.

A couple weeks ago she dug some holes in the backyard, so I took them and filled them in and left some poop in them. Problem solve. E was not happy she had dug the holes in the first place.

Today he decided to take her for a walk. I walk dogs on a leash. E is convinced that she can walk without one. Well I get a call about 45 minutes later saying can you go outside and see if the dog is there? I open the door and she is sitting on the front porch. Of course I punish her and put her in her crate. He comes home and punishes her as well.

I told him this is why I keep her on a leash. and he is in a bad mood because he is wrong.

For some reason she does not come 100% of the time when she is called it’s more like 75%…and that’s just for me when it’s E it goes down to 20%…any suggestions on how to fix this problem?



  1. Hi there :) Found you on the milspouse bloghop. Look forward to following is my link:

  2. Oh Kate! I feel your pain. I would say consistency with your patterns of punishment, rewards, etc. How old is Talley now? Do you know the maturity age of her breed? Both of our pups have gotten noticeably better with age, but it's still a struggle when they have their "moments". One trick I like to use is to always have a treat ready so when she comes, she gets the treat/attention (even if it is a small treat, half a treat), and eventually that pattern will start to build. name - come - treat - name - come - treat - name - come - treat. And eventually you won't need the treat anymore because she will just associate you calling her with her coming to you. Good luck! I will let you know if I think of anything else!