Monday, May 17, 2010

Looking for Motivation

I have nothing to write about. Well I geuss I have something to write about but not a lot.

This weekend was fun, I spent the weekend with my friend Melissa, she came down and we went to a  Women’s Military Spouse’s Conference. I didn’t really know what to expect, it was my first conference after all. Something were helpful, some things were fun and some I just plain didn’t care for.

I did get to meet an awesome lady! Someone I’ve been following here in the blog world since I started: ABW. Let me tell you she is even cooler in person!

I have no motivation to wake up early, or get out of bed for that matter. I’m trying to save money and do more things at home but that is easier said than done. I have loads of craft projects I could be doing but I just don’t feel motivated to do them.

It doesn’t help that every time I open my e-mail I have another message about “thank you for your application and your resume will be kept on file”….blah blah blah….and I still haven’t heard back from the interview I went on…how long do you wait before you contact them?

Ok enough of my useless rambling….


  1. How fun! I wish they had stuff like that in my area. Totally following ABW now! Thanks for sharing her :)

  2. I have been in your shoes! Sometimes it is really easy to get into a slump. Hopefully, you will find some motivation soon!