Thursday, May 13, 2010

It’s been a slow week…but busy

So I’m getting behind on my blogging here. Sorry! I wanted to say Thank you to Amy @ A Silver Wife's Life and Jen @ The Adventure of Our Army Life for the sweet blog award! Thank you girls!

So I’m supposed to tag 10 people I think are sweet bloggers, which if you’ve ever looked at my blog role you’ll understand is pretty much impossible. Instead I’m going to encourage you to look at the blogs I follow and check out as many as you can!

There are craft blogs, scrap blogs, military blogs and family blogs! Lots of fun!

We have a friend coming today! We are planning to attend the Wings for Women Military Spouse Conference, here in the springs. Anyone else going?

I’m not really sure what to expect, I’ve never been to a military spouse conference before.


  1. I'm going to the conference too, but I don't know anyone I don't think. Maybe I'll run into you there. I've been to a few, but they were free, lol. I need to check and see what the dress code is. I want jeans!