Thursday, January 21, 2010

Day 4

Yes, it's only day 4...:(

I haven't done a picture post in a while so there are some to follow, from my new camera! A christmas gift from my father in law, a TL220 by Samsung, it has one of those nifty touch screens and the pictures are soooo much better than on my old cheapo vivitar!

This week has been semi productive, I'm just glad it's flying by. After the crazy news of ranger school and dealing with the emotional roller coaster not having a husband for 3 weeks (and finding out I won't have one for 6 more) It's a relief to find things to keep me busy.

I spent the better part of yesterday at a neat little place called Jungle Java. For any mom's of toddlers (walking age and up) this is a treasure! There is a huge jungle gym for the kids to go crazy on, think pandimonum or DZ discovery zone from when we were kids, yet table and arm chairs for the adults to enjoy some good conversation and curl up with a coffee or yummy treat in! Anyways, I spent some time with my sisters in law just chatting it up and having some good quality girl time.

Today was all about the dog park! FUN! There was a beautiful great dane, who scared Talley a bit, but it was worth it. She got all of her energy out and stay exhausted until ooooh about 30 mintues ago when it was time to actually go to bed haha.

I've decided on a great gift for Eric! I can't wait, we've decided to do our Valentine's day once we get to Colorado, then we will have a real reason to celebrate!!! You'll have to wait and see what I come up with but it involves two amazing photographers and a few costume changes :)

Some goodreads right now too: The power of a praying wife by Stormie Omartian, Battlefields and Blessings (if you're Christian and like history this series combines the two!!!), The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks

As promised my pictures: (these are the ones I sent to E for motivation!)

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