Thursday, July 14, 2011

Beatin the Heat

So anyone who has ever spent any time in Texas knows it’s a pretty hot place. We’ve been trying to beat the heat and pick the best time of day to be outside. Meaning early morning walks (9am early…ha!) and evening activities. However the best way to beat the heat is definitely at the pool.


Hanging out with Daddy.

Bean doesn’t take to the pool too well. We’ve only been a few times, the first time in Colorado was too cold. The first time in Texas was good for about 20 minutes then it was all down hill since it was the evening. This last time went over a little bit better until it inched in on nap time and we decided to crash!

SAM_1262Not so sure about this!!

Next week we start our trek with the family to Atlanta for a family wedding. We can’t wait! We stop in New Orleans for a night and Destin for 3 days. We’ve never been to either place and I can’t wait to share the experience with my little Lima.


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  1. My husband is from New Orleans and every time we go to visit I insist on eating beignets! The Cafe du Monde is the most famous. There is one in the French Quarter but some the suburbs have chains set up with a drive thru (sadly, I'm not allowed to eat beignets in the car, too much powdered sugar!) Morning Call is another popular beignet place!