Saturday, July 2, 2011

My Life in Pictures

Ok so obviously I’ve been away for a while. I figured the easiest and fastest way to catch you all up on my so called life was through a picture blog!

Baptism in Texas in March!

Almost 3 Months old in April!

Ignore my dirty house, Daddy’s Cookies and Cream Cake in April!

Our First Airplane Ride, Denver to Austin, May 2011.

A Bridal Shower In Texas in May.

4 Months in May!

First taste of rice cereal, May 2011.

Happy 2 Year Anniversary Dear! May 23rd, 2011

Housing Baby Birds in June

Snacking at the GI dr in June.

Working on our Father’s day gift.

First Father’s Day 2011

Five Months old June 22!

Daddy Graduates from RSLC! (hooray we get him back :)! )

Enjoying Daddy’s picnic at work!

And…a few projects that have kept me busy, yes I made them ALL.


Plant markers


I plan on redoing this, I was experimenting with stitching canvas.

SAM_1172 SAM_1173


Learning to hand stamp metal


front door, 4th wreath


The slip covers and pillows

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