Thursday, April 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Mr. Bier!

Today is my dear dear sweet husbands birthday! He’s *gasp* 24 today, and older than me hehehe!!!!

SOOOOO I’m taking the chance today to tell you a little bit about this sweet honey of my mine!

Mr. Bierschenk


I love his blue blue eyes, and his sweet blonde hair, when he has any. He tends to buzz it all off, I pretend to mind but honestly I think he might look strange with lots of hair.


He is kind, he helps me whenever I need it. Even if it’s something silly like getting my glass off the table when the dog has clobbered me and I can’t get up.

He likes video games, and computer games and suduko…what a nerd :)

He drives a pick ‘em up truck, a big one cause he’s from TEXAS.

We met in church, now isn’t that just the cutest? ha!

Sometimes he annoys me, but it never lasts very long. I get over it pretty quick, it must be love!


He has dreams, odd ones to me but if he’s happy I’m happy.

He lets me spend money on things to do, like sew and paint and always tells me I’m good at the things I do. He doesn’t put them down.

He doesn’t like the way I arrange the furniture but lets me…or maybe it’s cause I do it when he’s gone! ;)

He wants babies. Lots of babies. And he is going to be the best daddy ever. I’m convinced.

He is my someone to spoil.


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