Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Fat and Followers

I lost a follower…sad day.

I don’t normally watch Dr. Phil, but I was looking and waiting for Oprah when he appeared. Today they had the people from “the Biggest Loser” on.

I don’t watch the show, I don’t really care if people are fat or skinny unless they sit next to me on the public bus and sit on me. And I don’t like to watch people sweat and cry. You can pretty much guarantee if it is one of those reality shows with lots of crying I’ve moved on.

So here was the debate, obviously the people who are on the show love it and love making people skinny. The fat people on Dr. Phil (is there another term really…three women weighing 900lbs total…)hate the show.

Now the guy who is the trainer says people have the right to feel sexy. The fat people say people have the right to feel fat and be accepted in their body.

Here is my opinion, in case you care….share yours I’m just curious.

Oh and please don’t turn this into a grill session, it’s just my opinion, if you don’t like it don’t read it.

When did this fight against “obesity” become a fight? When did fat people become unaccepted? The way I see it there is nothing wrong with people being fat, as long as they are healthy. I.E. not on any medications, not seeing a Dr. for any lasting conditions etc. You should have a 100% clean bill of health or as close as possible. If a person is over weight and has a health condition that is in any way shape or form related to their weight then they shouldn’t feel good about that. Likewise if you don’t feel good about yourself then take the initiative and change it. Change the things you eat, the way you eat and the way you live your life.

Start it with your children. Easier said than done I know, but if you’re trying then you’re doing your job.

All I know is when I start to feel sluggish I’ve usually put on a few pounds or I’m not balancing my diet.

I’m just sayin’

Ok end of rant.

Dr. Phil just gave everyone in the audience free memberships to Gold’s Gym….and they all cheered. EVERYONE. 

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  1. I am in agreement with you. This is a sensitive subject because I always feel like people will think I am judging if I say anything. I think it is unusual to find people that are truly obese, truly happy with that, and TRULY healthy. Now, I won't say never, but I think it's rare. There is nothing wrong with needing to lose some weight, heck, we probably all could. But, when people are making an effort, working out, trying to eat healthy, I think that is a great thing. I am always in support of those types of shows or people who are getting others' help. If you are happy with yourself, that's awesome! But when children are becoming obese, and fast food is the only thing they are eating, no exercise is being done, something has to change. Kids should have a right to a long and healthy life..