Friday, April 23, 2010

I cleaned *gasp*

That’s right, bathrooms, mopping everything, the whole works. The only thing left to do is fold the laundry womp womp….I don’t wanna.

I will. Two people don’t generate much of a mess, but boy do we have a lot of laundry every other week! Ha!

We had some new friends over this evening and we had a blast! They have two adorable little girls, it makes me want some. Is there a way to skip straight to the fun years and skip the years you don’t get to sleep?

hmm something to think on.

Oh and it snowed here today!SAM_0269 Silly mother nature…doesn’t she know it’s spring? Next month is the prelude to summer? I have a feeling my next real taste of summer will be when I get to visit Texas in July :)

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  1. There is nothing better than a Texas Summer!!! I'm going ot miss them when we move to New York.