Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Few Changes

So there are a few changes over here, new background, new banner. E wasn’t thrilled that I had our last name front and center on the bloggity blog so I changed it up a little bit. He also didn’t like the new name much but I told him tough bits on that one, unless he can come up with something cuter it’s sticking!!

I feel like the time goes by really fast out here. I’m out of the house by 9 and home by 4 but it just seems like I don’t get much done, probably because everything seems to be really spread out here in CO.

I modified one of my favorite recipes this evening. I originally got this one of the the Flat Belly Diet Book, it’s call Chicken spinach roulades.

4 chicken breasts, pounded to 1/2 in

1 package frozen spinach

1/2 cut parmesan (I used feta tonight)

1 tsp of red pepper flakes.

So you flatten the chicken, then stuff with a mixture of spinach, cheese and pepper flakes. Then you roll them up and stick ‘em with a tooth pick to hold them in place. Tonight I wrapped a piece of turkey bacon around the chicken then put them in a frying pan with some olive oil. After you brown each side turn the heat down, put a lid on it and let them cook until they are cooked all the way through. I turned them every couple of minutes but it was pretty low maintenance!



  1. Love the background and new name- super fun!

    However, the peach font is really tough to read in Google Reader, Bloglines, etc. for followers of your blog. Not sure if it can be changed for GR only. Hmmm...