Friday, February 26, 2010

Show us your life Friday!


Today’s show us your life is show us what you collect.

I collect, or rather my dear hubsy and I collect crosses. We began this right after we were married last May. It seemed like every other wedding gift was a cross of some sort. It become a running joke after a while “hey I wonder if this one is a cross” every small box had to be a cross. I love them, they are a daily reminder that God is watching me, in every room of my house….well almost, I haven’t found a perfect UT Longhorn’s cross for the guest bedroom yet :)


So we started it this way: Every time we take a trip together we buy a cross as our souvenir. I look for days on our vacations, I drag E into every shop I see looking for a cross that will look perfect on our wall, it has to be the right size and have something on it that I like and will remind me of where it came from. I hope one day our children cherish them. On the back of each cross I have written where it was purchased and the year or exact date (if I can remember)


I love this one, it’s right in front of our bed and one of the things we see most often. It was hand carved by a little old man in Taylor TX



  1. You have a lovely collection. It's so special that each one of them has meaning to you.

  2. I love that you remember where each of your crosses came from!