Monday, February 8, 2010

Happy Girl on a Rainy Day.

Mondays are generally known as the bad day of the week so I surprised myself by having a good day.

As of today the number of weeks until I see my hubby pretty much equal the number of weeks since this recycle started. I am THANKFUL! Just the thought of having him home and seeing him again, whenever I want, is thrilling me down to the bone!

The weeks have started to become routine, and I welcome it, but I am missing the quiet alone time, in my own house. I miss cooking in my kitchen for E, I miss cleaning the house (never thought I’d say that one!), I miss our dog park and the evenings out with friends. Being with family is great but I’m ready to get back to our life, together. Knowing that’s coming it keeping me positive, for now.

I made some pretty cute stuff for Valentine’s day!! I can’t wait to share it with the little ones. Each nephew and niece is getting their own little package. Check back tomorrow for some pictures :)!

I also started Pilates again, after 2 months of doing nothing (Dr.’s orders :P ) and I feel good!!! I like this feeling! Although during the work out it’s soooooo tiring!

And last but not least my reading recommendations:

1. The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks (I know I’ve said something about this before but it is very very good! make sure you have the tissues handy!!)

2. Vision in White by Nora Roberts – My favorite romance novelist!

3. Bed of Roses by Nora Roberts- this is a series, there are 4 books, Vision in White, Bed of Roses, Savor the Moment (due out in May) and TBA…. I like her series’ because they build around characters you get to know, then you get to see them fall in love and the reader feels so connected! She is a great novelist but even better at spinning a good story. I appreciate the series’ more than the individual books.

4. Battlefields and Blessings  by Various Authors- any of you MilWives out there need to go get some of these books! I love them! I have been reading the B&B Revolutionary War one every night and including tidbits in my letters to the hubby. It is keeping him encouraged and provides a great daily devotional at the end. It’s a good way to pray together and discuss life matters.

Ok that was wayyyy long…and I thought I had nothing to write about!

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