Saturday, February 27, 2010

Don’t give a dog licorice.

I had an uneventful day. end of story. So I’ll share my boring day with you :)

It all started yesterday evening. I am preparing for my trip back to GA. I stopped at the local farmer’s market Sprouts (love love love them), to pick up some things, like my all time favorite Australian Licorice…sold by the pound.  Some Pirate Booty and my recent food obsession Oreos…

I tucked the goods  into my Sprout’s bag and stashed them in my room not thinking another thing of it.

8pm. Apollo Ohno’s first race. suspense is building. BLLLLAAAGH. The dog. My sweet little Talley. Pukes. Red yucky stuff. I think oh no!!! She has never done that before!! I have a habit of sharing with my pups, I had a few pieces when I came home and gave each dag half a piece….yet she was  the only one sick…I go up stairs to find an empty plastic bag…and no 1.5lbs of licorice anywhere…

So the pattern continued until this afternoon. Your dog will throw up multiple times if she eats 1.5lbs of Australian licorice. Must be just as addicting for dogs.

In other news. I might be addicted to Goodwill and resale in general. Today we went to a blue hanger. Basically an overflow warehouse for Goodwill. Here they bring everything they don't have enough room for. In this case we found 10 blankets to cover my furniture for the big move, for only $12.50…that’s $1.25 each! That’s the glory of a blue hanger, they sell each clothing or blanket/sheet set/whatever for $1.25.

Just some other nifty finds I came home with:

Izod Sweater

New Pashmina

J. Crew Wool Scarf (remember that coat I was looking for? I found a Gray J.Crew on EBay for a steal!)

J.Crew White Sweater

A really cute jacket sweater

An American Eagle knit hoodie

I figure the sweaters will come in handy in CO!

I love finding treasures that are in good condition :)!

Tomorrow E calls! Pray for some good news! I hope he gets to come home this time around, he’s missed.

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