Friday, February 12, 2010

Show us Your Life- Best Valentines Date

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Valentine’s Day is by far one of my most favorite “holidays”. I don’t know what to say I’m a sucker for the romantic crazy stuff. I’ve been sending E valentine’s cards in the mail since the beginning of February and I don’t plan on stopping until we get to celebrate. I just like the idea of having another reason to be mushy and tell him I love him.

The Hubby WAAAAAY out did himself this year. If you have been following along in my blog adventure you know he has been stuck in FL since Jan. 1 for training. We have recently been able to talk on the phone but that’s about as much interaction as we get…womp womp.

This morning I woke up, made my coffee as usual and was getting ready to eat. We have all this stuff on my mom’s dining room table, yes I’m staying with my parents. So my mom walks in and asked me if I was giving the tutus to the girls today….I just told her no and didn’t think a thing of it.

Then she asks me about the bag of beads and craft stuff I had on the table, and I looked and told her….it’s just random junk, I’ll move it. I started looking around wondering why on earth she was talking about all the stuff on the table, when I see a bunch of roses….

Well let me tell you, my parent’s wedding anniversary is on Feb. 14, dad always gets her a dozen red roses plus how many ever white roses to equal the number of years they have been been married (yes that’s a lot of roses…24 to be exact)

So I made the comment “I see your flowers they are very pretty” and mom says “those aren’t mine”….THEY WERE MINE!!! Plus half a dozen delicious looking chocolate covered strawberries (another of my favorite things :) ) YAYAYAY!!!

SAM_0267 SAM_0266

I’m super impressed he went through all the trouble to make our first Valentines special even though he couldn’t be here. We have already agreed would do something fun when we get to CO!

Just a little background: My husband HATES giving flowers. I have asked for them since the day we started dating 4 years ago. He always says no I’m not going to pay money for something that will die and you will never see again. … little did he know I dry every single flower I ever get. I have three huge vases of every flower my parents have given me (being a dancer you get them a bunch)

SAM_0270Ignore the plate…it’s just to get the flowers to settle into one another.

I have a separate vase for the flowers he has given me. Which, just to note is now two bouquets plus a few random extras.

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