Saturday, February 20, 2010

Livin’ like the old days..for a night.

and never again.

We may be young but we are not party animals. It’s like the moment we were handed our diplomas we were revoked the right to party and given a new norm. E and I are boring. We’ve been told we’re boring. We’ve also be called grandma, grandpa, dad, mom, geezer whatever….we’re too responsible maybe? We realize that we need to wake up in the morning and do stuff. We want to remember the fun we have….There is no other way to put it. Most nights we’re in bed, reading or talking by 9 and the lights are out by 10. But we’re not tired :)

In college I could hold my own, I was very proud of that. I could roll with the boys when it came to a good party. As I discovered last night, that is no longer true, or fun for that matter.

Who ever decided being crazy and having no purpose to your party was fun? When did just walking around a big house full of lots of people become the norm to a good time?

Two bottles of champagne and numerous attempts to talk with too many introverted people made me realize this was not my bag of chips.

The crazy headache and desire for the biggest bottle of water I could buy in the morning was a familiar feeling and not a fun one.The falling asleep and wishing I were in my own bed with a good book and my husband was a new feeling and one I welcomed. One day life will be back to normal and I’ll be welcoming the “old people life” with open arms!!  Bring on the 9pm bed time!! wooohooo!!

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