Thursday, March 11, 2010

Almost there

I am writing from my bedroom floor. We have nothing left in the house, we leave tomorrow morning, bright and early :) I’m giddy! Part I of a full DITY under way here in GA.

Now a 4 day drive :(. I still need to pick up the dogs, they are happily nestled in with my mother in TX. I miss them,  but I have a 2 year old niece keeping me company and busy!

Things I will miss about GA:

1. Marco’s pizza---yumo!

2. The beautiful victory drive gate of Ft. Benning

3. Our sweet neighbor who always helps us.

4. The countless nights spent at Smokey bones and Buffalo Wild Wings with friends

5. All the friends we’ve made here that are now scatter across the globe!

6. my first little house

7. Magnolia trees

8. Being walking distance from the park

9. fireplaces in every room

but oh the things I’m looking forward to!

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