Friday, April 8, 2011

So we've been catching up around our house. Daddy has been a pretty busy character since we have been back these last couple weeks. I think I've seen him a total of 6 days since the second week in March. I'm not complaining, I know there are people out there who haven't seen their husbands in months. But mine is about 20 mintues away and I still don't see him. It's pretty boring.

I feel I have to comment about this current budget crisis. If I were a legislator and it came down to choosing to cutting funding for abortions (I'll be nice and use that term I consider it baby killing and one of biggest sins) or shutting down the government and keeping millions of people from getting paid I think I'd go ahead and choose the cutting for abortion funding. Just sayin. We all knew this issue would come to a huge head at some point we just didn't know what the cost would be. God is at work through the Government that is obvious. It may be selfish of me to say but I feel this is one the democrats just need to give on.

In mommihood Liam is supposed to be growing like a weed, however this isn't happening as well as planned. He eats a lot but doesn't really retain it as well as some. He has been diagnosised, I geuss, with Acid reflux and when you're a guy this little it means loosing a good deal of your meal. In two months the drs wanted him to gain 60oz, he ended up gained 16oz. No beuno. So he now is taking zantac 2x a day and we are supplementing, after breastfeeding (due to a production issue) with a gentlease formula. This breaks my heart to know that I can't feed my baby as much as he needs but I keep telling myself it is for the best. In the last week he gained 7oz, pretty good for such a little guy.

He defiantely makes my heart happy.

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