Sunday, August 29, 2010

Craft room redo

So I found an internet connection in our house....and instead of spending some time catching up on things, checking e-mail and doing fun things I've been spendin the last three hours trying to find something appropriate to fix our super clutter problem in the craft room/ office.


We found two pieces from IKEA we liked, little did I know to ship to middle of nowhere outside colorado springs it would be $350...that was more than the furniture! ARE YOU KIDDING? Now I would just drive to the nearest friendly ikea and pick it up myself but that happens to be n Utah or I miss GA. I want my Ikea back!

Now my biggest issue is 1 the price, I don't want to spend over $300 for the total package.

2 I want something that is going to hold books, craft supplies (yarn, cross stitch, sewing and scrapbooking) while lookin nice and neat. Hidden but accessible.

3. I'm not sold on bookshelves with baskets/ boxes...hubby's idea.

4. I don't want plastic, we have plastic drawers they tend to buckle, look cluttered and un tidy.

5....I'm just too picky...

I've tried office max, joanns, hobby lobby, micheals, and the container store...

Any suggestions?

I need a queen of storage to pop up out of the wood work out there!


  1. I think they need to have an Ikea in every state! We are lucky enough to live three hours from one right now, but even that is a bit of a trip!

    Have you seen the website Knock Off Wood? There are plenty of storage options on it and most of them seem pretty simple to make.

  2. THey are building an Ikea up north, and I think it will be done in December. Much faster to drive an hour (or less).